CLAM n.19, luglio 2009

    luglio, 2009

    Marco Bolognesi. • London • Artist • Well, I hope so. I know that lots of people are now, since a couple of years at least, having access to my work. They can see my stuff on papers and video, through my website and my Myspace page and through my presence in the art world. As far as how that effects their  life I do not know. They like it and even if they  don’t they are pushed into talk about it. • I like to have control on all the phase my work although I am not a control freak! To me having a crew, a group of same-minded people that work with me and with who I can share the creation is of the utmost importance. • I like this question. I’d built and am building a world. My idea is to give space to a parallel universe in constant contact with the one we live in. There is not one truth, as human being we can look at different worlds and mix them together with astonishing results. Look at all the population on Earth that coexist with spiritual worlds for example. • With my work I’d like to build a bridge for people to cross over. Maybe I am an idealist. Maybe not.  • The world at large is my world •My wife and my son. • My family is the core of my life, a life that I built and keep on building daily as a counterbalance of my artistic world. I rely on this equilibrium to keep me sane. • I am lucky enough to be able to walk to go to work. If I am lazy or it is raining badly (which by the way doesn’t happen too often in London), I used public transport. I totally hate car: it is an antiquated object. • I like to play football and walk, to get a feeling of what is happening around me. I love to observe people. When the weather is bad I spent my time my other big passion: wargames miniatures. I have an army of 8000 orcs and with my friend we do endless campaigns. • Are not they all muddled together? Can we really separate politics from art from economy? I am an artist and no artist can do his work without talking about what happen around him. When I do an art project I am taking a stand, I am stating something therefore I am giving my opinion of the world. I am doing politics. I am earning my living making art. I am influencing economy and I am being influenced by it. • Of course I am. Like everybody else. • Well there is less money around. Galleries and museum (and collectors for that matter) are not “splashing” maney anymore. Which is fine form me. • Help each others, create more collective projects, and be positive. For me this is a great moment for the human race. • I am an artist since I can remember. I learned through my work and through the people that I met. It is what I am. • It is a very difficult question to answer to. I think this is a good time for all of us to think over the way we handle ourselves till now. • This moment of time can create astonishing energy in all of us. We will come out better from this. How? I still do not know but I strongly believe in it. • Yes. • I voted with my conscience at the time. • Well, I don’t know • Everything that becomes part of your knowledge is real, is the real world. Obviously everything changes from individual to individual. • It is an enormous non-defined “mass” of the unknown that hasn’t still reached knowledge. • Success is based on three important elements: the message, the communication and the medium. Then there is a fourth fundamental one: destiny. • I am still working on what my life should be. I am able to live of my art and I am never being linked to any trend. • I believe that one can attract only people can truly share one’s point of view and beliefs. That’s way I have few real friends and lots of acquaintance. • I am not particularly positive about today’s world but I hope things can change: Barack Obama’s election has been a big surprise. With the globalization the world is gradually changing into a dull hotchpotch of which we are going to pay the consequences. Communication is all too often used as propaganda and it is more difficult to hear the individual and the independent opinion. • Yes. • I am not a guru and I feel a normal person. Besides I am not very good in giving recipes but I can say that to me is important to follow an idea with perseverance and build that up day after day. I have never let a roadblock or a negative comment stopped me but I always thought that even the worst thing must be turned into a positive learning. • I didn’t know him but I have to say that I find him very interesting. Maybe his art is not the kind of things that I follow but I think he is an exceptional example of 360-degree artist having covered more that one field from directing to curating.